Cyber Awareness Workshop and On-Line Training Course

Thu Apr 13 2023

Online Workshop on April 25th 2023 10:00am – 1:00pm

Please find below information for Broker  staff to apply directly for the upcoming AMTCE Cyber Awareness on-line learning that covers core behaviours around cybersecurity. This course is scheduled to start with an Online Cyber Awareness Workshop April 25th 2023 10:00am – 1:00pm.

The purpose of this course is to increase personal awareness & improve behaviours around the main cyber threats and existing regulation.

The workshop will help with both understanding cyber language and improving personal behaviour. These workshops will be a bi-monthly event in the AMTCE Programme and are free of charge to part-time and pull-time employees in Ireland.

Course Details

The course is delivered via Microsoft Teams and a link will go out to all attending trainees via email prior to the day. After the workshop each trainee will be sent details (via email) to their Online CybSafe training account where they can complete the assigned training. This is a self-paced course and the training can be done in their own time.  In addition to the workshop the online training will take no more than 10 hours to complete. Trainees will have access to their training account for 12 months and they will continue to receive phishing emails and updates on cyber awareness news. Trainees will also be notified about a follow up support workshop with our Cyber Support Advisor. This session is online and the Advisor will be available for one hour for anyone who wants to get assistance with their training.

To register, applicants need a PPS number, when they click on the link to FETCH, this is LMETBs course registration system.

Contact for Further Information

With regards to contact for further information see link for applications here.

Click Here to Apply

Applications go directly to the Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre of Excellence and they will formally reply to each one to confirm a place on the programme.

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    Education: Willingness to learn
    Aptitude: Willingness to learn
    Previous Experience: Willingness to learn
    • Influence over seventy specific security behaviours to meet security awareness, compliance requirements and reduce human risk.
    • Assess security culture and measure behavioural change by visualizing risks, tracking progress with data and metrics you can’t get anywhere else.
    • Nudge and support people across multiple platforms by giving people the push they need to act and provide real-time, frictionless help when they need it most.
    • Run phishing simulations that tell you what drives behaviors, find out why people click on, engage with, and report phishing attempts—or why they don’t.


  • Social engineering
    • Malware & breach recovery
    • Device security
    • Browsing securely
    • Public Wi-Fi
    • Preventing identity theft
    • Passphrases
    • Am I really a target?
    • CyberEssentials
    • Threat focus: Browser-in-the-browser
    • Protecting your devices
    • Are you really a target?
    • Supply chain: No weak links here
    • Working remotely
    • Spotting fake emails
    • Threat focus: Ransomware
    • Sophisticated attacks
    • Passphrases
    • Security incidents: Your role
    • Preventing identity theft
    • Data privacy & your rights
    • GDPR & your rights


The AMTCE is the Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre of Excellence.   CJHNetwork are delivering the Cyber Awareness training on behalf of AMTCE and the next course is scheduled for April 25th.Further iterations of the programme will be run over the coming months to accommodate all applications. The approach will be hybrid with a short online workshop on commencement of the training followed by on-line learning and support.




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