Declined Cases Agreement (DCA)

Tue Jun 19 2018

Insurance Ireland (II) the trade association for the insurance industry has a responsibility to administrate the Declined Cases Agreement (DCA) on behalf of the insurance industry and the State. Insurance Ireland have approached Brokers Ireland to share the following notice through the broker channel, when processing an application for motor insurance under the DCA and the type of information that should be provided. The purpose of this notice is to control the type of personal information that is not required and II will continue to comply with their responsibilities under the new GDPR regulations 2018 as per the attached document. This is part of the process when nominating an insurance provider to discharge a quotation under the DCA.

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The current Declined Cases Agreement was drawn up in 1981 and is adhered to by all motor insurers in Ireland.

 Under the agreement, the insurance market will not refuse to provide insurance to an individual seeking insurance, if/she has approached at least three insurers and has not been able to obtain cover from them. In general, the insurer first approached will be required to provide the individual with a quote. It is therefore important that the proposer keep a careful note of the order in which he/she approached each of the three companies.

 Where an individual has held a policy within the previous three years, the insurance company concerned is obliged to provide the individual with a quotation. Again, this is subject to letters of refusals/emails received from three insurers (of which the previous insurer may be one).

 The only grounds on which an insurer can refuse cover is where to provide insurance would be contrary to the public interest.

 The Agreement is administered by a Committee made up of representatives of each of the companies who have signed the agreement. If it is impossible to identify which insurer was the first approached for a quote, then a rota of insurers comes into effect and the Committee allocates the risk to the next insurer on the rota

 The Committee can also decide whether a quote is so high, or the terms so excessive, as to make the quote tantamount to a refusal, in which case it will review the matter.

On receipt, we will process the application and we aim to have a response from the insurance provider within 5 working days, but this may vary depending on the circumstances of the application. Once the insurance provider meets their obligation under the agreement to discharge a quotation, any additional documentation/personal information required will be between the insurance provider and the broker acting on behalf of the application.

Any questions or clarification required, please send an email to

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