Tue May 1 2018

New Arrangements RTA 2016

Dear Member,

The 2016 Road Traffic Act (RTA 2016) has set new requirements for insurers to provide information to the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport (DTTAS).  While a commencement order on the relevant section of the 2016 Act has not been issued, as delivery timelines are still being agreed, insurers will be required to provide a validated driver number associated with all named drivers specified under an approved policy of motor insurance to DTTAS. Please also see the ‘further clarifications’ as outlined below.

In order to support the delivery of this requirement and reduce the time pressure that will come on both insurers and brokers to collect this information, from every motor policyholder in the state prior to their renewal, we would recommend that all brokers start the process of collecting and inputting the driver numbers and the country of origin of the licence for each driver named on a motor insurance policy as soon as possible.

For your benefit we have created a template letter and data capture form which you may wish to use to contact your customers to advise them of this requirement and support the collection of the information.

The need for getting the date of birth and surname, as per the licence, is to ensure that the validation process will work within the broker systems.  The EU licence numbers will cause an issue/confusion. So below are a couple of links to the EU website for drivers licence standards and security features.


There is also the PDF version which can be downloaded from the site which seems easier to use.



See below the latest updates on these requirements:

  • Open Driving Policies will not, at this point, fall under the requirements to collect Driver Number details
  • Fleet and Motor Trade Policies will not be dealt with at this time but will form part of a second phase later in 2019/2020.

Kind Regards

Brian McNelis

Director of General Services

Brokers Ireland 


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