End-to-end Managed Cyber Security Service – Offer to Members

Thu Dec 1 2022

After recently winning the Innovation in Business Award for their Business Secure service at the Fingal Business Awards, CommSec is delighted to announce a celebratory offer to Brokers Ireland members.

Use the Promotional Code Brokers22 while signing up to CommSec Business Secure and receive a 10% discount on the advertised prices. https://commsec.ie/business-secure/ or email our team sales@commsec.ie . This offer valid until 31st December 2023.

Developments in technology have fundamentally changed business processes and models in financial firms.  These advancements have resulted in benefits for firms and their customers.  However, they also bring significant risks as firms become increasingly interconnected and more reliant on complex IT systems, including outsourcing service providers.

The Central Bank is demanding increased effectiveness in this area.  We are undertaking considerable work to require improved IT risk management and cyber resilience across regulated firms. This includes enhanced supervisory capabilities and increased focus on these risk areas.” Central Bank of Ireland

Cyber-attacks are on the rise globally and hackers are not just targeting large organisations. 49% of Irish SMEs were hacked in 2021, with 1 in 5 resulting in insolvency (Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report 2022). A cyber-attack can be operationally and financially devastating for a business, but the risk of such an attack occurring can be hugely reduced by having good cyber hygiene in place.

We understand the complexity, confusion, and cost that the vast number of solutions for Cyber security can create for Brokers businesses. Having Anti-Virus in place is no longer sufficient in protecting your business from modern threats, but it can be quite difficult to know what additional protections to put in place. The truth is, there are many ways an attacker can attempt to compromise your critical business data such as:

  • Ransomware
  • Phishing attacks (emails with suspicious links)
  • Smishing (Text messages with spurious links)
  • Spyware
  • Business Email Compromise
  • Malware
  • Hacking
  • Exploiting vulnerable software

CommSec want to simplify the process of implementing effective cyber security for Brokers Ireland members and to take the pain away in terms of keeping up to date with, and protected against, the latest threats.

CommSec launched Business Secure in 2021 and have a number of Brokers already enrolled. This new offer gives Brokers Ireland members an end-to-end managed cyber security service with the benefits of Managed Detection and Response previously only available to larger enterprises for a small monthly fee on a rolling monthly contract. CommSec’s cyber security specialists actively monitor security on your devices and respond to threats targeting your business in real time, allowing you to focus instead on your core business functions.

CommSec Business Secure is designed to assist small and medium sized business in both securing their operations against threats (such as fraud and ransomware) not covered by some Cyber Insurance policies, and satisfying conditions set down by insurance companies as a pre-requisite for obtaining Cyber Insurance quotations.

  • CommSec Business Secure provides the following Cyber Security services:
  • Ransomware Protection & Anti-Virus Management: Our advanced endpoint protection protects you against viruses and malware, as well as detecting and preventing attempts to maliciously encrypt your data in real time.
  • System Monitoring: Our Security Operations Centre is staffed by security experts who monitor your security in real time.
  • Device Encryption management: We monitor and manage your device encryption status and can remediate or alert you to any issues. Device encryption is a vital control for Data Protection in the event of device loss.
  • Security Update Management (Security Patch Management): We ensure that your devices are up to date with the latest security patches and virus definitions so that you are as protected as possible against new threats.
  • Windows Firewall Management: We monitor and manage your Windows Firewall to ensure that it is not bypassed or tampered with by malicious actors.
  • Web Filtering of Malicious Sites: Our service prevents your devices being redirected to known malicious websites. We prevent your devices from reaching known malicious links such as those attempting to execute phishing or malware attacks.
  • Mobile Device Management: We manage the security of your mobile devices, including the ability to remotely wipe your phone if lost or stolen.
  • USB Management: If you require it for security or data protection purposes, we can manage your USB device policies to prevent use of USB drives or to allow only encrypted USB drives to be used.
  • IT Asset Inventory: We provide you with an asset inventory of your devices managed by us so that you can readily see what hardware and software is operating in your environment.
  • Remote Security Assistance: In the event of your having a security issue we can liaise with you remotely to assist. Our security experts can provide you with the benefit of their knowledge and experience in dealing with any security issues which may arise.
  • Monthly Status Reports: We provide monthly reports detailing the security and health status of your monitored devices.

CommSec Business Secure is priced at just €50 (ex VAT) per month per user* (or choose to pay annually and receive 2 months free!) and covers up to 3 devices. Devices covered can be Laptop, Desktop & Mobile Phone in any combination.



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