Environmental Impairment Facility

Thu Jan 30 2020

Certain Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) licensees are required to put a financial provision in place in order to manage environmental risks. With high-profile incidents pushing environmental issues into the spotlight, the clock is ticking for regulated licensees. The EPA can enforce this requirement via Section 55 Notices – these give the EPA the authority to shut down the licensee until such time as a satisfactory financial provision has been put in force.

O’Leary Insurances are delighted to bring to the market an exclusive Environmental Impairment Facility with an A+ rated insurer. The policy wording is approved for EPA licensees. We can also quote for annual or project-specific EIL quotes for non-EPA licensees.

For example following an environmental issue, a pharmaceutical licensee may be told by the EPA that it will cost €2m to bring their site back to normal in a worst-case scenario environmental incident, the EIL Insurance indemnifies against this.

We are delighted to offer Commercial Insurance brokers access to our facility for Environmental Impairment Liability Insurance.

For more information please email environmental@oli.ie or call Brian O’Mara on 021 453 6860 or visit https://www.olearyinsurances.ie/environmental-impairment-liability-insurance



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