Establishment of New General Insurance Brand

Tue Jan 8 2019

Dear Broker,

Brokers Ireland is exploring the establishment of a new consumer-facing brand specifically for general insurance Brokers. The purpose of establishing a consumer-facing brand is to foster a distinctive, professional identity, to promote and endorse the products and services offered by general Brokers to consumers.

In order fully to investigate the scope of the project, Brokers Ireland has engaged the services of a branding consultancy, which has conducted market research. The branding consultancy is engaged in defining a value proposition and strategy around the establishment of the new Brokers brand.

We should much appreciate if you were to take a couple of minutes to complete the brief survey below, to ensure that we have your input into the name and title of the new general Brokers brand.

We plan to present our brand findings to Brokers at our up and coming Members Meetings, which take place in different venues from 23-25 January 2019.


Kind Regards,

Cathie Shannon

Director General Insurance

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