EVOLVE Car and Van is a bespoke underwriting service offered by Patrona and designed for hard to place risks.

Wed Jul 25 2018

The EVOLVE CAR & VAN service was developed to solve the needs of a variety of motor insurance customers who do not fit the standard underwriting criteria. The EVOLVE CAR & VAN service gives the Insurance Broker the opportunity to access bespoke underwriting facilities which take account of the individual client requirements. The EVOLVE CAR & VAN underwriting team review the options that are suited to your client on a case by case basis.


This service covers the following:

  • Car and Van Proposers Returning from Abroad
  • Private Cars in a Company Name
  • Proposers with an Open Claim
  • Proposers who own a Limited Mileage Second Car

Key Benefits *

  • 24 Hour Breakdown Assistance
  • Windscreen Cover
  • Comprehensive Driving of Other Cars **
  • Medical Expenses
  • Motor Legal Expenses
  • Policyholder Fatal Accident Cover
  • EU Policy Cover Match – up to 60 days
  • Driving of Other Cars for the nominated main user of a car in a company name

* Please refer to the Patrona benefits sheets for full details relating to product benefits

** Not available on limited mileage second car product

Frequently Asked Questions

What will Patrona quote for?

Patrona invites submissions from proposers in the four categories outlined below.

While Patrona may accept risks in these categories, please note that terms, conditions and underwriting criteria will apply.

  • Returning Home from Abroad

Emigrants with Irish driving experience who are returning from abroad having been away for more than 2 years will be allowed a discount in respect of their expired NCB/driving experience.

  • Cars in a Company Name

It is often difficult to obtain a quote for Private Cars in a Company Name. Patrona will not only quote you, but will also offer the nominated main user the benefit of the Driving of Other Cars.

  • Limited Mileage Second Car

If the proposer has a Limited Mileage Second Car, in addition to the daily car, we may quote even if it is outside our normal acceptance criteria. All drivers must prove their own insurance. Patrona will allow a maximum of 7,500 kilometres in any one Period of Insurance.

  • Open Claims

Patrona will accept a proposer with a limited choice of insurer due to an open claim.

Obtaining a Quotation

Patrona will consider each risk on merit. To consider your proposal and provide you with a quotation the underwriting team will have specific questions in relation to each risk.

Contact a member of the EVOLVE CAR & VAN team at Patrona today for more information or to request a quote.

Email: evolve@patrona.ie                        Tel: 053 91 80300



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