FSPO Customer Charter and Customer Action Plan

Tue Dec 7 2021

As key external shareholders, we wish to share with you our new draft FSPO Customer Charter and Customer Action Plan, and seek your input and any feedback on these important documents in advance of our finalisation and publication of them.

The FSPO Customer Charter states our commitment to providing services to our customers in accordance with the Guiding Principles of Quality Customer Service for Customers and Clients of the Public Service. It defines our service standards in clear terms and simple language and informs customers of contact and feedback mechanisms.

The Customer Charter is supported by our FSPO Customer Action Plan, which describes in detail how the commitments and standards set out in the customer charter and other customer service improvements, will be delivered and evaluated by FSPO. The FSPO Customer Action Plan sets out the specific commitments, and corresponding performance indicators that define how each will be implemented.

Following an internal consultation period, we have very recently invited the public to review our draft FSPO Customer Charter and Customer Action Plan and to offer any feedback they may have in relation to the commitments outlined within.

We hope you find the document useful in describing our commitment to the provision of a high quality service, and as important consultees, we would be very grateful for your review and especially welcome your recommendations and any suggestions you may have in relation to the draft documents, or how we propose to deliver our services.

To this end, the draft FSPO Customer Charter & Action Plan is available for your review via our website on the FSPO Public Consultations page, along with details of how you may submit your feedback or any other comments. It is envisaged that the public consultation will run until early January 2022.

We thank you for your time and consideration.

Louise McCarthy | Head of Customer Experience and Innovation

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