FSPO – How to Make a Complaint to the Financial Services & Pensions Ombudsman

Tue Feb 23 2021

The Financial Services and Pensions Ombudsman (FSPO) has launched a new consumer information leaflet, “How to make a complaint to the Financial Services and Pensions Ombudsman” which Brokers can share with clients.  It is part of a suite of leaflets designed to improve public understanding of the role and services offered by the FSPO.

This leaflet will be of value to consumers and financial service providers  in explaining the role of the FSPO and how best to refer a complaint to them. As you are aware, consumers may refer a complaint to the FSPO once they have complained to the provider concerned and given it the opportunity to resolve it through its internal dispute resolution process. In order to signpost consumers to the FSPO at the appropriate time, the FSPO requests that Brokers share this leaflet with consumers at the end of the internal dispute resolution process, at which point the consumer may refer the complaint to the FSPO

Please find a PDF of this leaflet and also included below are print-ready file and specifications, should the provider wish to print hard copies themselves.

Website Links: 

LEAFLET: https://www.fspo.ie/publications/consumer-information.asp

PDF LINK: https://www.fspo.ie/documents/How_to_make_a_complaint_to_the_FSPO_leaflet.pdf

The FSPO welcome any response or feedback from Brokers Ireland members on the new consumer publication.


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