Global Money Week – 18-23 March 2024

Sun Feb 25 2024


Global Money Week (GMW) is taking place next week (18th – 24th March) with the aim of fostering financial awareness and literacy among young people.  GMW is an annual global campaign that emphasizes the importance of equipping young people with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to make sound financial decisions.

To celebrate GMW and help young people become more financially astute, Brokers Ireland will keep members updated through social media channels, themed ezines, a fact-finding ‘The Money Survival Guide for Savvy Savers’ e-brochure and ‘Ask the Expert’ podcast which outlines some top tips on savings, investing for success, staying financially safe, and creating better money habits in making the most of hard-earned cash.

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With less than a week to go to Global Money Week we are excited that preparations are starting to take shape. This year the following organisations are taking part in Global Money Week:

  • BPFI 
    • Will be holding an Economist Webinar, their European Money Quiz and a week long FraudSmart campaign on Money Mules.
  • Brokers Ireland
    • Will be launching a podcast called “Ask the Expert” giving tips advice and suggestions. Additionally, they will be posting to social media and will have a full page article on the GMW campaign in their Irish Broker magazine.
  • Central Bank
    • Will be highlighting weeklong consumer facing information surrounding the GMW themes.
  • Competition & Consumer Protection Commission
    • Will be releasing daily blogs highlighting the daily themes along with a GMW landing page on their website.
  • Department of Finance
    • Michael McGrath TD will be visiting Coláiste Éamann Rís on Friday the 22nd of March. Coláiste Éamann Rís took part in Global Money Week 2022 and 2023 with MABS staff delivering money management workshops to their TY students
  • Financial Services and Pensions Ombudsman
    • Will be launching a dedicated GMW webpage, will raise awareness around money muling and focus on fraud cases.
  • Junior Achievement Ireland
    • Will be holding their EY Finance Park Workshops and launching their CSI supported programme ‘Balancing Act’.
  • Institute of Banking
    •  Will host live Global Money Week Webinars focusing on the themes for each day.
  • Money Advice & Budgeting Service
    • Will be holding money management workshops in schools and launching their GMW 2023 Research Report.
  • Department of Revenue
    • Will be highlighting their TY Introduction to Tax Module and sending a Global Money Week Newsletter. They will tweet their top tips for safely interacting with their online services.

“Protect your money, secure your future”

Each year, Global Money Week adopts a specific theme. For 2024, the theme is ‘Protect your money, secure your future’. The focus is therefore on encouraging safe money management, and for young people to become informed of the risks and threats that exist to their money. Children and young people are acutely vulnerable to fraud and scams via their smartphones and the threat posed by smishing, phishing and vishing – where access to personal and financial data is sought by malicious means. As a group with low financial literacy, young people may succumb to these attacks.

Financial literacy campaigns, like Global Money Week, provide an ideal opportunity to bring to the fore the risks of fraud. Other threats, for example enticing or tricking young people to be money mules, or the lure of online shopping scams, are potential dangers that also need drawing attention to.

‘Protect your money, secure your future’ as a theme can also provide the space for young people to reflect on the environment and climate change concerns, and learn about saving the planet. Young people can be made aware of responsible spending, and where they can make savings by being conscious of fast fashion, textile waste and excess packaging. Being savvy about food and water waste can save money and valuable resources. Energy-saving behaviours in the home can put more money in pockets and help reduce harmful emissions.

Learn. Save. Earn.

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