Green Card Update for Members

Thu Feb 28 2019

Potential Provision of Green Cards to Policyholders Should a ‘No Deal’ Brexit Take Place

Dear Members,

Brokers Ireland has continued to engage on your behalf with the Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Ireland (MIBI) and Insurers, on the potential provision of Green Cards to policyholders should a no deal Brexit take place.

As advised in our 17 January 2019 update to Members, if a no deal Brexit takes place, anyone who drives their Irish-registered motor vehicle in Northern Ireland, or other parts of the UK, will be required to demonstrate to law enforcement agencies that they have valid motor insurance. This can be done through an internationally recognised insurance document called a ‘Green Card’.

The MIBI has advised that motorists who plan on driving in Northern Ireland, or elsewhere in the UK immediately after a no-deal Brexit, should begin applying for their Green Cards from this week. Those who plan on travelling after that period should contact their Brokers one month in advance of their expected travel date. Brexit is currently scheduled for 29 March 2019. Should that date be delayed, then the requirement for Green Cards will also be pushed back.

If there is a no-deal Brexit on 29 March 2019, then any motorist who plans on driving their Irish-registered motor vehicle in Northern Ireland, or other parts of the UK, is advised to ensure they have a Green Card, or they could be subjected to the penalties for driving uninsured after that date. In our 17 January 2019 update to Members, we advised that Brokers should inform their clients to contact them one month in advance of the expected date of travel to Northern Ireland or other parts of the United Kingdom, to provide sufficient time for preparation of an individual Green Card associated with the vehicle and insurance policy.


Brokers should note the following:

  • Policyholders and/or their Brokers who are requesting Green Cards, should check the relevant policy documents, to ensure that cover is provided for driving in the “UK” or “Great Britain”. The Green Card will merely confirm to the UK authorities that a driver has the legally required minimum third-party motor insurance required to drive in the UK. The policyholder’s existing cover may go further than what is provided for under third party policies, as it is a matter for each insurer as to what cover will be provided. Therefore, Brokers should check policy documents, or check with insurers as to what cover will be provided to clients in the event of their travelling to the UK.
  • If Brokers propose to apply a charge for issuing Green Cards, be mindful of the Consumer Protection Code and your Terms of Business in relation to your statement of charges.
  •  Each Green Card should have an insurer’s signature. If an electronic Green Card template is issued by an insurer, it should have a digital signature.
  • Green Cards will have to be physically printed on green paper. Any shade of green will be permissible
  • Brokers Ireland recommends contacting Insurers to ascertain the timeline for provision and distribution of Green Cards.



Update regarding UK Licence Holders in ROI

In the event of a no deal Brexit, UK licences will be invalid in the Republic of Ireland for Irish residents. UK licence-holders resident in the Republic of Ireland will need to apply for a full Irish licence (as a learner driver) and go through the application process. There are potential implications of not swopping to an Irish licence before 29 March 2019 in a no deal scenario. Implications could include an impact on premium, as the driver would be a “learner” driver and as a learner they would need to be accompanied. This in turn could impact employment should a full licence be a requirement for a position. There could also be implications for the contract of insurance depending on its terms. UK licence-holders resident in the Republic of Ireland should be advised to exchange their licence NOW, in case there should be a no deal Brexit. This issue is something Brokers should be aware of when dealing with Clients seeking motor insurance who have a UK licence.

For further information on Green Cards and Brexit, please find a link below to a Brexit and Green Card Q&A on the MIBI website:

A further copy of our 17 January 2019 update to Members is here.


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