Tue Sep 3 2019

In the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit, any Irish registered vehicle driven in the UK, including Northern Ireland, will no longer require a Green Card if it has a valid Irish insurance disc.  The insurance disc will serve as proof of insurance to the legal authorities in the UK, including Northern Ireland.

Motor insurance discs for fleet vehicles will also be acceptable as proof of insurance within the UK and Northern Ireland.

Also, for vehicles exempt from carrying discs such as motor-cycles and certain agricultural tractors, the UK will accept Irish Motor Certificates.  Alternatively, a Green Card also remains acceptable as proof of insurance in the UK.

However, it should be noted that UK registered vehicles will still require a Green Card if travelling to EU member states, including Ireland after a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

Please view Brokers Ireland original statement on Green Cards/MIBI (23rd August 2019)

For additional information on Green Cards go to



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