Insurance Broker Brand – This is Our Time

Thu Nov 21 2019

Brokers Ireland were delighted to launch a new brand for General Insurance Brokers at their Annual General Conference in Croke Park on 20 November 2019.


Through the endorsement of Insurance Broker, Brokers Ireland plan to strengthen and position consumer understanding and perception of Brokers value proposition.  The establishment of a unified, professional identity will help generate acceptance and awareness amongst industry and consumers of all that Insurance Brokers have to offer.

Establishing the term Insurance Broker in the industry and in public consciousness is an integral part of the Brokers Ireland mission to project our Brokers into a new era, an era of greater awareness of all that an Insurance Broker has to offer and enable Brokers to project and market themselves as a group, benefiting from the strength in numbers.

We encourage Brokers to get behind Insurance Broker over the coming months, by integrating the brand into your customer communications, your marketing material and your business proposition.

The success of Insurance Broker will depend on our Members’ ongoing participation, as the funding generated will have a direct impact on the extent to which we can market and promote Insurance Broker across traditional and new media.  Website development with brokerage profile, contact details, products sold and “find a broker” search facility will be continuing in the first quarter of 2020 and we will be in touch with you regarding all further developments.

The launch of Insurance Broker marks a new and exciting era for Brokers and a fresh start to revitalise a vibrant and professional brand for Insurance Brokers

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