Insurance Broker Signage – Let it Shine

Thu Feb 29 2024

During 2023, Brokers Ireland offered Insurance Brokers an opportunity to have Insurance Broker external ‘lightboxes’ and wall signs fitted in their brokerages.  See below some of the broker frontages where the Insurance Broker branding was installed.

In helping to promote the central role that Insurance Brokers provide in local communities, Brokers Ireland is encouraging members get behind our lightbox signage initiative. Effective signage plays a pivotal part in enhancing brand visibility. By strategically placing branded lightboxes outside brokerage offices, it allows Insurance Brokers to project a unified and professional identity, thereby fostering recognition with the public.

So ‘let it shine’ by supporting the lightbox initiative and endorsing the value of Insurance Brokers. If you are interested in getting signage for your brokerage, please contact Paddy Caulfield at

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