Insurance Charities Awareness Week 2021 – Two Weeks to Go!

Tue Jun 8 2021

The Insurance Charities annual awareness-raising campaign on 21-25 June aims to boost its profile among the insurance community and ensure that no-one in need of help misses out. The last year has shown us all how unforeseen events can have a huge impact on our lives, including jobs and finances.

Once again, it’s put together a Supporter Toolkit containing a range of resources to help you get involved as an individual or an employer. There are new Zoom/Team backgrounds and Screensavers available for the first time to use throughout the week.

This year the Charity will be focussing on wellbeing and highlighting some of the ways it supports those in the industry in this important area. Please share campaign details with colleagues and any other contacts in your professional networks.

The Charity would like to encourage its supporters to follow its new LinkedIn company page to keep up to date with all the latest news and campaign content.

We hope that members will get involved on the day. Whatever support you can give will be hugely appreciated.

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