Members CPD Hours – Downloading Certs from Website

Sun Dec 13 2020

Members who have attended Brokers Ireland CPD Meetings/Sessions throughout 2022* can now directly view their CPD hours/Download CPD Certificates for all Brokers Ireland events* attended since January this year.

*Please note that there are still a couple of recent CPD presentations that we are awaiting accreditation on but expect that all CPD certificates will be uploaded onto members profiles by the end of December 2022. 

To View Your CPD Hours Within the Members Area/My Profile CPD hours – use the following steps: 

  • Log onto 
  • Go to Tab at Top of site with Members Area
    • If you’re not already registered onto the Members Areas, enter:
      • Username: your personal BI Number or Email
      • Reset your Password to your personal preference
  • Once in the Members Area, click into My Profile & CPD
  • This will bring you to your own personal page containing:
    • Your total number of CPD hours for Brokers Ireland events that you have attended since January 2020
    • Breakdown of each CPD event containing each presentation you attended along with your CPD certificate
  • From 01 January 2022, all CPD certificates relating to 2020 events, will be stored under the 2022 tab which is located at the top of your My Profile/CPD page.

If you have any queries on the above, please email


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