Members Update on Enhanced Consumer Protection Measures CP116

Wed Sep 12 2018

Brokers Ireland submission paper on Intermediary Inducements Enhanced Consumer Protection Measures CP116 was made to the Central Bank of Ireland on the 22 March 2018. Since March, the Association have held a number of representation meetings with both Government and Central Bank Officials to outline Brokers Ireland position on the CP116 proposal.
Following a recent constructive meeting with the Central Bank, we have outlined below the main discussion items arising from this consultation. As discussions progress with the Central Bank, we will keep Members updated and advised of any outcomes on this important area.
Agenda Items
  • Ban on Overrides
  • Financed Commission and Clawbacks
  • Mortgage Commission
  • Remuneration Rates
  • Commission Summary Document
  • Banning Commission for Independent Advice
  • Use of the term “Inducement”
Kind Regards
Diarmuid Kelly
CEO, Brokers Ireland

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