Motor Insurance Discs – Dept. of Transport

Wed Apr 8 2020

Dear Member,

Brokers Ireland have received a number of queries from members regarding the issuing of Motor Insurance discs and certificates during the current Covid-19 crisis. As the majority of Brokers and clients are currently working from home, obtaining the usual format of disc and certificate and sending these documents to clients has become a challenge for some.

Brokers Ireland have asked Insurers their policy on the issuance of these documents and while many are still assessing these queries, some have confirmed that they will begin issuing discs and certs through PDF. The question remains whether PDF print outs or even electronic copies, will suffice in the event of Garda inspection.

Brokers Ireland has engaged with the Department of Transport and have received some guidance from their representative regarding discs.

The Dept of Transport has advised that the area of electronically produced discs is fraught and requires further discussion which they hope will take place later this week. The topic had been discussed in 2017, when the Department of Transport indicated that electronically produced discs did not meet the requirements of the law. While this assertion has since been withdrawn, they are still of the opinion that electronic discs are in danger of being open to fraud. While appreciating the difficulty in accessing the appropriate paper while working from home, the Dept of Transport strongly advises that Brokers send out hard copy discs to clients.

Brokers Ireland will continue engaging with the Department of Transport and Insurers on behalf of Brokers in order to alleviate the pressure placed upon our members on this issue. We will continue to inform members of any further updates we receive in relation to this matter.

Kind Regards

Cathie Shannon 

Director of General Insurance

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