MyBrokers Ireland Charity Partner 2018 Announced

Tue Apr 24 2018

MyBrokers Ireland are delighted to announce that their 2018 charity partner is Stewarts Care.

Stewarts Care is a voluntary organisation providing comprehensive community-based services to people with moderate to severe intellectual and physical disability. Working with service users and their families, Stewarts Care are committed to developing a broad range of services and supports to help ensure happy and healthy lifestyles and quality experiences to over 1,000 adults and children.

Stewarts Care assist people ranging in ages from 7 months to 94 years of age and are constantly striving to increase their levels of personal independence and meaningful engagement with local communities. Families from all over Ireland have and continue to benefit from the services provided by Stewarts Care which is based on Palmerstown, Dublin.

Stewarts Care proactively facilitates and supports the person, through stakeholder engaged decision making, to live the life of their choice with dignity and respect as an equal and valued citizen in the community.

MyBrokers Ireland Committee recently went to Visit Stewarts Care where they met with staff and residents. They were blown away by the amount of work and care provided to those in need and the level of development opportunities provided to the service users. What was great to see was that residents worked in the coffee shops, in the gym and doing the gardening- interacting and engaging with all those around them and learning the invaluable interpersonal skills in these daily tasks. The day was topped off by a lovely lady who gave each committee member a massive hug as we left Stewarts Care and thanked us for taking the time to visit them. A small gesture which meant a lot.

L to R: Siobhan Kearins, Stewarts Care Day Services Manager, Nicola Shaw, Robertson Lowe, Hazel Rock, Brokers Ireland, Emma Reid, OBF Insurance, Trevor Nesirky, Director of Care, Stewarts Care and Helen Murphy, JDM Insurances.

Our main fundraising efforts this year is aimed to provide respite services to over 30 people who have been waiting for over 5 years for any respite service. The high priority assessment of these persons indicates that they and/or their families are suffering significant negative impacts from a lack of respite. During the year, we will include articles in Irish Broker on individuals within Stewarts Care and how they will benefit from these services.

Furthermore, MyBrokers Ireland will be organising a Corporate Day out in Stewarts Care facilities during the summer for broker members to step out of their offices and to roll up their sleeves, get their hands dirty and help build a better future for those within Stewart Care. The Day out will involve gardening, painting, kitchen & gym work so that our members get the opportunity to work alongside the service users and gain a better understanding of what Stewarts Care is all about. Further information on this will follow in next month’s edition of Irish Broker.

Upcoming fundraising events includes:
May 25: Golf Classic, Hollystown Golf Club CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION)
July: TBC Corporate Day out in Stewarts Care
September 22: Climb of Croagh Patrick
October: Date TBC, Pub Quiz
November: Date TBC, Fashion Show in Citywest Hotel


For further information, please contact Hazel Rock on 01 6613067 or email

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