New Business Continuity & Resilience Booklet for Brokers

Thu Jun 14 2018

Brokers Ireland are delighted to launch an updated Business Continuity & Resilience Booklet.  The booklet which has been kindly supported by Allianz, can be used by Brokers for their own business or that of our clients.

Many businesses who suffer a major fire or other disaster never entirely recover losing orders, contracts, key employees and indeed, many go out of business resulting in lost jobs and services to the community. Moreover disruptions or crises can arise from a plethora of causes other than the traditional hazard issues, particularly in the Digital and Social Media areas.

The purpose of BCM is to minimise the operational, financial, legal,reputational and other material risks arising from such a disaster and to help businesses restore normal regular operations in the shortest possible time.

Copies of the booklet will be distributed at the forthcoming Brokers Ireland events however if you would like a copy of the booklet posted directly to your brokerage please email or download the booklet HERE.

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