New Financial Broker School Financial Literacy Initiative – Future Financial Experts

Thu Nov 11 2021

The ‘Future Financial Experts’ programme aims to bridge the gap in communicating prudent financial planning to students and create awareness around the basic concepts of how good financial skills can empower young people to manage their finances more efficiently.  The programme will be delivered to schools through a defined financial literacy programme via four modules which will be designed to deliver key learning principles and skills to students to create positive life-long habits for managing future finances.

The programme will help to improve the profile and awareness of the role of Financial Brokers within their communities and enable Financial Brokers to actively engage and build trust with a new and younger cohort of consumers in a collaborative way.

The modules will be delivered in schools to TY students by a trained Financial Broker, who will be provided with full classroom training (x 4 online sessions); a PowerPoint presentation, and an accompanying script for each module. The goal will be to make the sessions as interactive and participative as possible, through video; discussion points and ongoing classroom exchange with students.

The first training programme will be delivered from January 2022 and will be free to Financial Brokers to participate on the dates below:

Wed. January 12th 5p.m- 6.15 pm Module 1: Day-to-day Money Management
Wed. January 19th 5pm- 6.15pm Module 2: Saving and Investing
Wed. January 26th 5pm- 6.15pm Module 3: Understanding and Managing Debt
Wed. February 02nd 5pm- 6.15pm Module 4: Positive Behaviours of Financial Experts

Please note that Financial Brokers can only deliver the programme to schools, when they have completed the full four-week training programme.


‘Future Financial Experts’ will be promoted to schools jointly by Brokers Ireland and individual Financial Brokers who will be encouraged to reach out to deliver the programme to schools in their locality.  The programme will be managed by Brokers Ireland and evaluated in conjunction with Financial Brokers, school coordinators and students to ensure that the quality and development of the programme is actively evaluated.

Brokers Ireland will also be hosting a webinar about ‘Future Financial Experts’ on Tuesday 14th December 2021 to fully outline the benefits, implementation and logistics of the programme and we would be delighted if you could join us for this.

If you have any further queries about ‘Future Financial Experts’ or any element of the programme, please don’t hesitate to contact me or my colleague Pierce Friel



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