Reminder: Climate Risk and Sustainable Finance Forum – Industry Survey

Thu May 4 2023

The Central Bank issued an industry survey on behalf of the Climate Risk and Sustainable Finance Forum on the 4th of April.  Brokers Ireland is a member of this forum.  The Forum (through its working groups) is seeking the views of the financial services industry on two high-priority topics – climate change risk management and climate change capacity building. These views will feed into two industry-focussed reports that will be published on these topics.

To assist the gathering of data,  members are asked to complete a short survey, which is available at the following link: Climate Forum Survey to convey your views on these two topics. The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete, and your responses will be returned anonymously to the Central Bank. All responses will be amalgamated to one file and shared (in an anonymous fashion) with the working group members for analysis and input to the reports.  This survey is voluntary and does not form part of any supervisory activities conducted by the Central Bank.

The closing date has been extended to 17:00 on Friday 5 May 2023. 

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