Royal London CPD Roadshow

Tue Apr 23 2019

2 Hours CPD available in 4 venues nationwide!

This year, Royal London will hold its annual CPD accredited broker roadshow during the month of May in Limerick, Cork, North Dublin and South Dublin.

The title of this year’s roadshow is ‘Royal London: Going The Extra Mile’. It will be an insightful session and will include the following presentations:

  • Ethics in Business

Chief Risk Officer, Vincent Kelly, will help bring business ethics to life capturing key considerations, using illustrative examples and sharing how Royal London embeds business ethics into its business.

  • Protection: Creating Value For Your Customers

Head of Sales, Daragh Feely, will bring you on the customer-value journey and showcase some of the key features and benefits of protection products.

  • We Can Be Heroes

Underwriting and Claims Lead, Colette Houton, will take a deep-dive into protection claims and how the valuable advice Financial Brokers give can translate into key moments of truth for customers.

In total there will be 2 hours of CPD available at each seminar.

This will consist of 1 hour category 1) Life Assurance and 1 hour category 8) Ethics, pending approval.

Royal London hope you can attend one of the following locations:

Tuesday 14 May, Limerick  

The Savoy Hotel Limerick
– Registration from 12:30
12:45 sharp seminar to begin

Wednesday 15 May, Cork



The Maryborough Hotel, Cork
– Registration from 08:15
8:30 sharp seminar start

Thursday 16 May, North Dublin  

The Carlton Hotel, Dublin Airport
– Registration from 17:00
17:15 sharp seminar start

Friday 17 May, South Dublin  

The Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire
– Registration from 08:00
08:15 sharp seminar to begin


To register, please email with your name, brokerage name and the venue you would like to attend.

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