Royal London: Extend Broker Supportive Offer – Going the Extra Mile

Wed May 8 2019

Extended Broker-Supportive Offer: Going the Extra Mile

As a company who chooses to only distribute through Financial Brokers in Ireland, leading protection specialist, Royal London is committed to the broker market and to giving you and your clients better choices and options. Their enhanced broker-supportive offer really goes the extra mile for brokers and their clients by guaranteeing the best in broker market price for Term Assurance and Mortgage Protection1. This is in addition to being supported by superior products and award-winning service so that customer outcomes are always positive. With Royal London’s offer, which is extended until 30 June 2019, you can continue to choose the option that best suits your business and your clients!

Don’t forget this offer also applies to Pension Term Assurance

Speaking about the enhanced offer, Daragh Feely, Head of Sales said, “We have received tremendous support from brokers over the last number of years and because of this we now find ourselves in our strongest ever position – with over 19% share of the broker protection market. This support allows us to go that bit further for you and your clients and earlier this year we simplified and enhanced our broker-supportive offer. As always, you can select from our generous extra commission options or, if you need to, our price discount options on Term Assurance and Mortgage Protection, or a mixture of both to suit your business needs.

“Earlier this year we increased our price discount on the market best premium for Term Assurance to up to 15%. This increase covers both multi and single life cases. Your continued support since has allowed us to extend our enhanced offer until 30 June. And don’t forget, the offer of up to 15% price discount off Term Assurance also applies to Pension Term Assurance!”

Royal London’s offer2 allows you to choose

  • Extra commission of 25%/15%3; OR
  • If you need to, you can continue to offer your clients a 15% price discount on the market best premium for Term Assurance, including Pension Term Assurance and for Mortgage Protection; OR
  • A mix of extra commission and a price discount.

“Plus our offer on Term Assurance and Mortgage Protection also includes our Broker Price Guarantee – so you can be sure that you can always choose the best broker price in the market!”

This is in addition to

  • The availability of one month’s free Life Cover on all cases, regardless of any rating.
  • Our Helping Hand Service: As soon as your clients take out a policy with Royal London, they automatically qualify for access to Royal London’s Helping Hand service which includes unlimited telephone access to a personal nurse advisor as well as more practical support services if recommended by their nurse advisor. The service is available to the policyholder, their spouse or partner and children as soon as their policy starts.

Broker Price Guarantee

What is the Royal London Broker Price Guarantee? It means that in the event there’s a cheaper broker special offer price that you want to avail of, if you let your support team at Royal London know when submitting your application, they will employ their Broker Price Guarantee to match it1.

Daragh said, “We believe that our broker-supportive offer is the best in the market but we want to ensure that we always go the extra mile to provide you and your clients with superior products and services which are great value. That’s why with our Broker Price Guarantee you can always be sure you are getting the very best value in the market.

“In addition to all of this, our One Month’s Free Cover is available to all your clients taking out Mortgage Protection and Term Assurance policies; there is no restriction for medically rated cases.”

Our enhanced offer and our award-winning Mortgage Protection

Royal London’s award-winning Mortgage Protection continues to offer the best Mortgage Protection cover available in the market. It includes Dual Life Mortgage Protection for the same price as Joint Life; a seriously competitive Conversion Option available at just 5% more than the standard price-matched premium and premiums starting from as little as €10 per month (including the Government levy).

Royal London was delighted to be awarded 1st place for Service Excellence at the 2018 Brokers Ireland Excellence Awards. In addition to this, at the recent 2019 Association of Irish Mortgage Advisors (AIMA) Awards, Royal London received three awards: Best Mortgage Protection Product, Mortgage Protection Provider of the Year and Sales Support Team of the Year.

Daragh commented, “We were delighted to be recognised for being the ‘Best Mortgage Protection Provider’ and having the ‘Sales Support Team of the Year’ for the second year in a row. In addition to these accolades, we were also pleased to win ‘Best Mortgage Protection Product’ which was a new category added to the AIMA Awards for 2019.

“Receiving this recognition reinforces our view that our Mortgage Protection cover is the best in the market. What’s more, you can make it work even better for you and your clients by utilising our extended broker-supportive offer to provide the combination that best suits you and your clients. For example, with our offer, you can recommend Dual Life Mortgage Protection Cover, with a Conversion Option added, for less cost than the best in market Joint Life premium. And you can still get extra commission4. Speak to your Broker Consultant for more information.”


1The best in broker market price allows you to price-match any current market‑wide discounted special offer published by Royal London competitors for Term Assurance (excluding Specified Serious Illness), Mortgage Protection (excluding Specified Serious Illness) and Pension Term Assurance. It does not include ad‑hoc special quotations received for individual cases. The competitor’s published special offer will be applied to their premium as shown on Best Advice, Adviser Plus, Money Advice or Clear Choice. To avail of this offer, a full price discount must be chosen as part of the existing mix-and-match broker-supportive offer.
2 Special Offer Terms and Conditions apply.
325% additional commission is payable for policies written on “long term” commission options for terms of at least 9 years. Long-term commission options include 160/180/200% options plus options with 10% renewal p.a. and flat 22.5% p.a. For policies written on “short-term” commission options, 15% additional commission is payable for terms of at least 9 years. Short-term commission options include 133/150% options.
 4Special Offer Terms and Conditions apply. Best in market Joint Life premium refers to the cheapest Joint Life premium available on Best Advice, Adviser Plus, Clear Choice or Money Advice.

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