Royal London Launch New Multi-Application Feature in Quote & Apply

Tue Dec 8 2020

To save Brokers time when you’re submitting more than one application for the same client(s), Royal London has introduced a new Multi-Application feature in Quote & Apply which removes the need for Brokers to input a client’s key information more than once.

Simply input the key information on the first case and the system will automatically pre-populate each subsequent application, up to a maximum of five applications!

What this means for Financial Brokers:

  • Saves time – you only need to input key client information, including their underwriting answers, once; and the system automatically pre-populates the information for each added case.
  • Consolidated underwriting decisions – full cover limits are assessed across all the cases together, at the same time. So, you have more transparency on all accepted applications.
  • Reduces risk of error – less information for you to manually key into the system.

Talk to your Royal London Broker Consultant for more details, or you can read more about the new Multi-Application feature here.


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