Secure Storing & Sharing of Data for Brokers

Tue Jun 12 2018

Members should be aware of how their systems and information assets are exposed to the risks of data security breaches and cyber-attacks.  Members must ensure that they have the appropriate technical measures, policies and procedures in place to protect themselves and their customers, SaaS for the secure storing and sharing of data is now available for brokers.

“With our AI/ big data background, we’ve made a product that has the great features of Dropbox and Google Drive, that’s as easy to use and install, but with the deep security, storage and sharing functionality that you would expect of enterprise class software, now needed in the post GDPR world”, said Fin Murray, CEO.

  • Securely share documents – no more unsecure email attachments.
  • Control staff access rights.
  • Secure laptops when lost/stolen/staff leave.
  • AI based search and indexing that learns from your queries.
  • Video chat, word, spreadsheet processing incl. as standard.
  • Content is secured with the highest levels of encryption.
  • Data is stored in Dublin.
  • Solution is available as private cloud server.

PRICING30% discount for brokers

From €10 per user per month for 2GB storage or €31.50 per month for 3 users with 5GB of storage per user for a private cloud server

To find out more please contact Fin Murray on +353 86 606 3606 or email

Brokers Ireland  is happy to publicise this service. It should be noted, however, that Brokers Ireland has not carried out a due diligence on any aspect of this service nor measured or compared this service with other similar or alternative services in the marketplace. Brokers Ireland, therefore, as a matter of standard practice in such matters, does not endorse or recommend this service.

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