Security Enhancement to STR Reporting within ROS

Tue Jun 1 2021

The Revenue Commissioners are implementing security changes shortly relating to the online submission of Suspicious Transactions Reports (STRs) on the ROS website. This change will affect any Administrator on a ROS account who is ALSO the MLRO and all new users from mid-July onwards.

 The change will restrict the ROS Administrator from submitting STRs using the main digital cert and will require that a MLRO, if they are also the Administrator, to require a sub cert to be issued in their name within ROS in order to submit an STR online.  This security enhancement will go live in mid – July 2021 and may affect you, if you are both Administrator and MLRO on this date.

We are aware that Revenue is contacting affected members, and that they will assist with guidance in the creation of the sub cert and ensure that it is working correctly.  Equally, if you have queries in relation to STR matters, they have advised that you should contact the unit via the unit email Notwithstanding this, ROS can also be contacted directly at  and their Phone number is (01) 73 83 699

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