Shouldn’t You Be As Qualified As The Trustees You Advise?

Mon Feb 11 2019

If you advise Pension Scheme Trustees currently (or will in the future) then you should consider enrolling on LIA’s DC Pension Scheme Trusteeship course today. Our course leads to the trustee designation Pension Trustee Practitioner (PTP). It has been developed for those acting or wanting to act as a Trustee of a DC Occupational Pension Scheme or Trust RAC, as well as a Pensioneer Trustee.

Why not join the 300+ QFAs who already hold the PTP – you will demonstrate to members of Trustee Schemes whom you advise (or hope to advise) that you hold the same competency that Trustees will need to have very soon – when the IORPS 11 Directive is implemented by the Pensions Authority.

Contact LIA today to find out more T: 01 456 3890 E:

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