Spectrum Life – Brokers Ireland Partnership

Thu Nov 5 2020

Spectrum.Life are delighted to partner with Brokers Ireland members in providing valuable wellbeing supports for members nationwide. Spectrum.Life are the largest provider of employer health and wellness services in Ireland, and across the UK.  We look after the health and wellness needs of 100s of clients and now over 1 million users.

We recognise that the threat posed by the Coronavirus may cause anxiety amongst Brokers Ireland members, employees of the industry and their families. At times of stress or uncertainty, it’s better to talk as we all work better with support.  Our EAP team are here to help manage employees’ mental wellbeing during these times while also providing them with information and resources to make their day-to-day lives a little easier.


Spectrum.Life Employee Assistance Programme – What’s included?

  • Access via free 24/7 telephone helpline, email or live chat
  • 6 face to face counselling sessions per issue (Also available by video and phone)
  • Partner/Spouse and children over 16 living at home included
  • Digital wellbeing portal, Expert Wellbeing videos, podcasts, blogs + EAP access
  • Financial advice, legal information, parenting, Life coaching and more
  • In depth anonymous reporting to track trends and your employee’s needs

Pricing – Brokers Ireland members can register their organisations today at discounted rate of up to 45% exclusively for all Broker Ireland members.


Name- Mark Fitzgibbon (New Business Team Lead)

Phone – 087 140 0742

Email markfitzgibbon@spectrum.life or sales@spectrum.life

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