Central Bank – Central Bank Press Release on Financial Position of CBL Insurance Europe Dac (CBLIE)

Tue Feb 25 2020

Dear Member,

Please see the Central Bank press Release regarding CBL Insurance Europe Dac (CBLIE) below.

Having considered the financial position of CBLIE, and steps taken by the Administrator which were unable to restore the company to a sound financial footing, the Central Bank, on 20 February 2020,  lodged a petition with the High Court to seek a winding-up order and to have a Liquidator appointed to CBLIE. This action is being taken in the best interest of protecting policyholders.

The matter is due for hearing before the High Court on 12 March 2020. A further update will be provided by the Central Bank following this hearing.

For more Information see https://www.centralbank.ie/news-media/press-releases/statement-on-cbl-insurance-europe-dac

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