The Value of Advice – 2021 Research Report

Tue Jul 27 2021

Brokers Ireland welcomes the latest research report on the value of professional financial advice. The report results clearly demonstrate that such advice benefits consumers in terms of better financial protection; higher return in savings/ investments; improved pension provision and a more self-assured financial confidence and well-being. These findings are broadly similar to comparable studies on the value of advice in other global jurisdictions including the UK, Australia and Canada.

The report provides insights into perceptions around financial security now and in retirement and evaluates those who use financial advice compared to those who do not in the areas of savings/investments, pensions and the advisory role of Financial Brokers.

For consumers, it validates the reason for consulting a Financial Broker who can help articulate financial goals in a coherent and user-friendly manner. In a highly digitalised world, we cannot underestimate the value of professional advice and experience, and this study illustrates the role of Financial Brokers in helping consumers to keep their personal finances on track and proactively identify financial opportunities and risks as they arise. The study is an unequivocal endorsement of the benefits and value that Financial Brokers provide in supporting clients and in enabling them to make smart financial decisions in achieving their long-term lifestyle and financial goals.


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