Update on GDPR Provider Agreements

Mon Oct 1 2018

As previously advised, many Product Providers are currently issuing revised agency agreements/addendums in relation to GDPR.  Our legal advice is that all Brokers are Data Controllers, however, some providers are classifying the Broker as a Data Processor within these agreements.  We are communicating with all such providers to outline the Brokers Ireland position.

The following agency agreements have been reviewed by our solicitors in respect of GDPR and it is in order to sign.

  • Abbey Murphy Insurances
  • Angel Risk Management
  • ARB Underwriting Ltd
  • AXA Insurance dac
  • BCP Asset Management Ltd
  • Brady Underwriting
  • Bump Insurance (Patrona Underwriting Ltd t/a)
  • Burke Insurances Ltd
  • Citynet Insurance Brokers Ltd
  • CoverCentre Insurance Ltd
  • Dilosk / ICS Building Society
  • Dolmen Underwriting
  • Glennon Insurances
  • Gogan Insurances Ltd
  • Hickey Clarke and Langan
  • KBIS
  • KennCo Underwriting Ltd
  • Merrion Stockbrokers Ltd – subject to intermediary confirming that they will not be registering as a Data Controller (in absence of DPO) with the Data Protection Commissioners
  • Miles Smith
  • Money Advice (Lunar Technologies Ltd)
  • New Ireland Assurance Company plc
  • NMU
  • O’Driscoll O’Neill
  • OBF Insurance Group
  • Patrona Underwriting Ltd
  • Precision Underwriting (Ireland) Ltd
  • Robertson Low Insurances Ltd
  • RSA Insurance Ireland dac (including Benchmark & Sertus)
  • Sercurus Insurance Ltd
  • Shield Insurances
  • Specialist Underwriting
  • Stuart Insurances Ltd (including Eversure)
  • Surety Bonds
  • Thomond Underwriting
  • Trust
  • W/R/B Underwriting
  • Wrightway Underwriting Ltd
  • Zurich Insurance plc
  • Zurich Life Assurance plc

Please find link to the GDPR Members Section of the website which contains the Brokers Ireland Version 2 of Guidance and FAQ documents and also templates which should assist you in understanding and applying the many provisions of GDPR in your business with respect to your customers.


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