3rd June 2020

Covid 19: Building Resilience and Adapting to a Changing World: The Secret of Success (Week 4)

Presented by Andrew Considine

Podcast Details:

In this final and vital podcast of this series, Andrew will outline how to link your goals to your personal rocket fuel. Effectively applying this link places you in the top 3% of the entire population. But failing to grasp and fully apply this can mean you may never achieve the success you desire. Discovering your secret success is entirely in your hands, and this will be fully revealed during this podcast session!

What is going to propel you to your success? The answer is by setting goals for whatever you truly want. Precise goals aligned with your priorities, coupled with a robust action strategy will enable you to achieve what you desire in business and in life.

PLEASE NOTE: Brokers Ireland Podcast series are pre-recorded presentations and therefore DO NO qualify for CPD accreditation. If you have any other queries, please contact Brokers Ireland info@brokersireland.ie

About the Presenter:
Andrew Considine – Inspire to Achieve

Andrew Considine is a personal and professional development coach, and inspirational speaker with 35 years’ experience in helping people and businesses develop, improve and achieve their desired results.

Andrew’s experience in coaching and guiding financial advisers and Insurance brokers to achieve their desired outcomes has involved him working with people who have encountered many personal and professional difficulties and challenges.

His work has brought about great transformations for his clients who, through Andrew’s unique coaching style and techniques, creates positive and lasting change, increased motivation, and the confidence in their ability to improve their personal and professional results.

Brokers Ireland · Covid 19: Building Resilience and Adapting to a Changing World: Secret sauce of Success

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