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Covid 19: Building Resilience and Adapting to a Changing World Webinar Series(Week 2): Rising to the Challenge

Presented by Andrew Considine

Friday 08 May 2020

Webinar Details:

In the second webinar of the Building Resilience and Adapting to a Changing World series, Andrew will demonstrate how to rise to your challenges and turn them to your advantage.

If you want to overcome self-doubt, anxiety and frustration, and discover how best to become inspired and create new opportunities, then knowing how to keep your perceptions and emotions in balance is essential. Once you can do this, you will be able to turn any challenge you have now or in the future to your long-term benefit.

In this webinar, you will be shown some practical ways in how to become more emotionally balanced and be able to take inspired action whenever you wish.

About the Presenter:
Andrew Considine – Inspire to Achieve

Andrew Considine is a personal and professional development coach, and inspirational speaker with 35 years’ experience in helping people and businesses develop, improve and achieve their desired results.

Andrew’s experience in coaching and guiding financial advisers and Insurance brokers to achieve their desired outcomes has involved him working with people who have encountered many personal and professional difficulties and challenges.

His work has brought about great transformations for his clients who, through Andrew’s unique coaching style and techniques, creates positive and lasting change, increased motivation, and the confidence in their ability to improve their personal and professional results.


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