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Goal Mastery Webinar for Brokers Ireland Members

Presented by Andrew Considine

Thursday 28 January 2021

Webinar Details:

Simply put, this interactive webinar will help you to get the business results you want. Further, you will discover what are the most important and real results for you to achieve; and how to breakthrough anything that tries to stop you!

During this exclusive webinar, Andrew will present 3-Core Principles to help you plan and increase your chance to achieve your 2021 high-priority goals. These are:

1. The essentials to grasp if you are to really achieve your goals.
How to be objective, focused and take planned action in your quest to be successful

2. How to utilise your tough challenges to achieve your high priority goals.
Discover this strategy and turn your setbacks into your comebacks.

3. Creating your Inspired Action Plan
The three essential steps you must do if you are to effectively take inspired action, maintain consistency and achieve more than you could ever envisage.

To gain maximum benefit, Andrew strongly advises you bring a pen and paper; because what he will share with you will be extremely beneficial if you truly want a crystal clear, inspired and motivated approach to achieving what will be truly important and meaningful for you.

Attend this new webinar and be inspired to get the results you want; just by following the plan.


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